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  • Waltzing With Daises - By Temecula Florist CA

    Waltzing With Daises - By Temecula Florist CA

    From $45

    Same day delivery of beautiful daises to any home or business in Temecula CA, order online...

  • Kisses


    From $45

  • A Little Caribbean

    A Little Caribbean

    From $45

  • Birthday Brilliance - By Lily's Temecula Florist

    Birthday Brilliance - By Lily's Temecula Flor...

    From $50

    Temecula Florist's most popular birthday treat, spoil them rotten with flowers today!

  • Dare To Wish - By Lily's Temecula Florist

    Dare To Wish - By Lily's Temecula Florist

    From $50

    Eye-catching florist designed mix of gorgeous season flowers, a big hit in Temecula CA.

  • Lilac Surprise - By Temecula Florist CA

    Lilac Surprise - By Temecula Florist CA

    From $50

    Same day Temecula Florist delivery of birthday flowers, Lilac Surprise is just the perfect...

  • Cuddles - By Lily's Temecula Florist

    Cuddles - By Lily's Temecula Florist

    From $50

    Cuddles features a gorgeous and ever so appropriate keepsake chick & vase. Perfect birthda...

  • Festive Fun - By Lily's Florist Temecula

    Festive Fun - By Lily's Florist Temecula

    From $55

    Get into the birthday spirit with our most famous Festive Fun, the name says it all!

  • Lush Purples

    Lush Purples

    From $60

    The lilies are so lovely in this bouquet that they look like butterflies sitting in lavend...

  • Fifth Avenue

    Fifth Avenue

    From $69

    Handsome bouquet of red roses and daisies in an attractive polka dot box is sure to impres...

  • It's A Kind Of Magic

    It's A Kind Of Magic

    From $70

    This enchanting bouquet will make your special someone's day magical.

  • Designers Delight

    Designers Delight

    From $70

    This charming bouquet is perfect to celebrate birthday's or to bring someone cheer.



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What Everybody Should Know About a Delivery Florist in Temecula

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92028, 92599, 92596, 92928, 92531, 92532, 92548, 92595, 92545, 92570, 92589, 92587, 92546, 92543, 92585, 92572, 92571, 92584, 92586, 92562, 92596, 92088, 92585, 92567, 92362, 92590, 92390, 92563, 92592, 92564, 92530, 92587, 92593, 92591, 92544.

The people around Lily’s Florist Temecula are the ones that portray the finest part about their profession. Actually, it’s well known by your delivery florist in Temecula, that good design and good networks come hand in hand.           

There is a passion for creativity from your same-day florist, Lily’s Florist Temecula that will result in your happiness. And happiness will arrive with flowers, because it has been researched that a transformative feeling of happiness is inspired with the sight of a beautiful arrangement of colorful flowers.

Lily’s Florist Temecula’s products are effortlessly designed for you, your home, your loved ones or your office. Why? By having that attention to detail, fresh, quality flowers and being original, they know a beautiful story will be told. They have pooled all of their imaginative backgrounds to create a floral experience that’s custom-made to your exact requirements.

The World Takes Notice – as Lily’s Florist Temecula Fashions a Gorgeous Bouquet!

It’s so easy to select a sweet rose bouquet as a gift. Because, who do not actually want a beautiful bouquet of roses? When you send a floral gift of roses, you’ll feel pleased that the recipient will surely like the roses, or better still, will just love them! And as a recipient, you’ll have to discern the fact that roses are definitely one of the finest flowers to gift. But have you ever thought that giving someone flowers as a gift can conform to their zodiac personalities?

Therefore, the next time you’re thinking of gifting someone flowers, check out this list:

For an Aquarian, the best flower match would be Gladiolus, Birds of Paradise or Orchids. Aquarians love to live in the present moment and foresee a bright future. They are full of life, independent and self-motivated.

A Piscean’s flower match is the Alstroemeria. As a cool, level headed character, the Piscean is known for having refined tastes.

Arians are passionate and full of energy, symbolically depicted as a Ram, so therefore a gift of a fiery Red Tulips bouquet should match the Arian’s enthusiasm.

An extroverted, stubborn and ambitious Taurean the bull enjoys basking in attention, and the one flower that can melt the ego is a vivacious arrangement of Stargazer Lilies.

Why not surprise a flirtatious, easy going and fun loving Gemini with a mixed bouquet of red peonies and roses?

Cancerians are true to their crab sign. Tough with a gentle heart, they never disclose their real feelings, so even a flower of their favorite color will make them happy.

Leo the lion with a majestic character that’s larger than life has a passion for bright, strong shades of sunflowers, orchids and red tulips

Virgo’s flower match is the pastel shades of hydrangeas and asters, always appreciating the simplicity of a bouquet of hydrangeas and asters. Modest in nature, Virgos love the subtle pastel colors.

Libras flower match is none other than a tulip arrangement contrasted with light and dark hues. Known for their ability to strike a balance in life, Librans are a fashionable lot. 

The boldest of all the zodiac signs are the Scorpios. With a possessive and passionate personality, gardenias and Sumatra lilies with their red petals will have hearts racing!

The flower match of a Sagittarius is the carnation or any other flower arrangement. Being confident individuals, carnations have the long-lasting strength of the symbolic character.

Capricorns flower match is anything loud and exotic! With their shrewd and ambitious nature, Capricorns will be endeared with a choice of a gifted potted plant with a ‘bigger the better’ focus.

So go ahead, win some hearts, and select a gift now!

Discover Temecula, California

Situated southwest in Riverside County, Temecula is a vibrant city with a population of around 107,000. It is surrounded by the Pechanga Indian Reservation to the south, the city of Murrieta in the north, and San Diego County to the south. Temecula was amalgamated in 1989.

Visitors are frequently invited to the Temecula Valley Wine Country to taste the hundreds of award-winning wines accessible in the charm of our welcoming tasting rooms. Rustic in its environment, the Temecula Valley is commonly recognized as the 'jewel' of Riverside County. Each of the family owned wineries are effortlessly accessible and located close enough to one another to make your wine country excursion a joy.

Frequently told stories of Temecula’s initial days are of the bloodbath of Temecula Indians in a neighboring canyon in1847. The ravine is beneath the present-day location of the Vail Lake Dam and was the sight of the goriest Mexican War conflicts. Motivated by the combat taking place about them, the Temecula Indians came to a decision to keep the skirmish ongoing. They caught eleven Mexican soldiers and later executed them at a site today known as Warner Springs. On hearing this, a Mexican gang was rapidly dispatched to avenge their losses.

The Temeculans, in retreat, rode into the canyon eager to ambush their hunters. However, the Mexicans turned the tables on them with the assistance of the neighboring Cahuilla Indians, who had been keen to resolve a long-standing dispute with the Temeculans. The Mexicans, pretending to be exhausted and ill, enticed the Indians out of the canyon and into the Cahuilla’s hands, who then quickly overwhelmed them. Some days later, the deceased Temeculans were buried in a communal grave, the mount of which can still be noticed from Highway 79.

The original European to settle in this region was Father Juan Norberto de Santiago, a Franciscan priest, who trekked into the valley in 1797. He was on an assignment from Mission San Juan Capistrano, looking for a place for a new mission. With his traveling party of seven soldiers, he trudged to the coast of what is currently Lake Elsinore, and then trekked towards the Temecula Valley. Throughout his time in California, Juan Santiago recorded a considerable amount of data concerning the Temecula Valley expanse.

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